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I work in an office so I am always shopping for appropriate but easy to wear outfits that represent me and what my style is. Your outfit is the first thing that speaks before you do when you meet someone.  So that makes it especially important to have a carefully curated wardrobe for work.  That is, if you don't have a uniform to go to.  For this post, I've only included dresses, coats and jackets as this is my personal favourite choice but of course, skirts and pants are fantastic go to's if that's what suits your personal style.

These are some of my favourite easy to wear dresses for this season all from The Iconic and under $100!!  It's an easy one stop shop with express delivery so you can have your looks in just a few hours or the very next day.  I personally love dresses because they require less fuss and are super efficient when racing against the clock in the morning. The dresses are easily layered with a coat or jacket and stockings making it temperature efficient with changing office air conditioning temperatures.
Links are below each image.
Rachel Zip front dress

Pussy Bow 2 in 1 dress

Victoria Midi Dress by Forcast

Skinny Belt dress

Pia ruched bodycon dress

Vice drape dress by Cooper St
Bridget Coat
Lioness Blazer
Dorothy Perkins Long Line Coat
Cooper Street Breaking Through Coat
Oasis Napoleonic Gold Trim Blazer

Keira Fluted Hem knit dress
Cofi Dress by M.N.G

Now, if you are anything like me, I have a go to bag. This bag has my life in it. It's sturdy and a staple in my wardrobe.  I change bags for the weekend and nights out, but there will always be a main in my life.
Karl Lagerfeld Klassik Office Tote
Karl Lagerfeld Klassik Office Tote
Meister Mini Tote by Tony Bianco

Estate Tote by Oroton

Shoes, shoes, shoes. An endless topic of many conversations.  If you catch public transport for work, it's a good idea to do the trip in comfortable shoes and change into a sleek pair at your desk at work. That's not to say you have to don a pair of daggy sneakers.  Mid heeled boots, ballet flats or low heels can work really well.  If you do the daily commute in your own private ride then you have more freedom with shoe choices.  For me personally, comfort is essential as well as aesthetics. It's got to be good for my feet because if my feet aren't happy, I'm not happy.  Shoes can affect your entire mood.

Austin by Nine West

Smith by Nine West

Loyal by Nine West

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