A day to celebrate love


I know "Valentines Day" can mean different things to different people. Some see it as a commercialized costly day, others may see it as a day to feel loved through roses and presents.
Valentines day is celebrated on February 14th every year and usually involves the exchange of cards, gifts, chocolate or flowers with a special person.
The origins of course are long forgotten but began in the 5th century.  Today people attach certain meaning to the day.

On social media I saw many young women lamenting about being a forgotten valentine or professing their love for themselves. Valentines day has grown to become a day where young women in particular place huge emphasis on the presence of a romantic relationship.  I remember moments during high school where it was so competitive to showcase what and how much you received for Valentines day.  My worth was very much dictated by the relationships I was in.

When I had daughters, I vowed that I would do what was in my power to instill in them where their true worth comes from, to hopefully grow resilient and fulfilled young women.  We have regular conversations about love and what it truly means and where love comes from in the first instance.

Valentines day is simply another day where we can demonstrate to our children what love looks like.
Every year, the girls receive flowers and some sort of treat. This year we played around with decorating our chocolate treats where I combined both their love languages of gifts and quality time.  My eldest daughter treasures having my undivided attention doing creative crafty things whereas my little one appreciates any token of a gift. You can check out what your own love language is here.

 Having been recently married, my daughters can now see the thought and effort that my husband and I put in to make a gesture of our love. Mind you, this is not the only day it happens so it remains a constant throughout the year in big or small gestures that have it's foundation on what love really is.

As the girls are young, our main emphasis is that love is kind and that love is selfless.  We aim to further develop that meaning as the girls grow based on the famous verse from 2 Corinthians that is often read out at weddings.

What does Love mean to you?

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