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A day to celebrate love

I know "Valentines Day" can mean different things to different people. Some see it as a commercialized costly day, others may see it as a day to feel loved through roses and presents.
Valentines day is celebrated on February 14th every year and usually involves the exchange of cards, gifts, chocolate or flowers with a special person.
The origins of course are long forgotten but began in the 5th century.  Today people attach certain meaning to the day.

On social media I saw many young women lamenting about being a forgotten valentine or professing their love for themselves. Valentines day has grown to become a day where young women in particular place huge emphasis on the presence of a romantic relationship.  I remember moments during high school where it was so competitive to showcase what and how much you received for Valentines day.  My worth was very much dictated by the relationships I was in.

When I had daughters, I vowed that I would do what was in my power to instil…