The perfect bed linen

In any bedroom, the focal point is always the bed.  We spend a significant amount of our lives sleeping, therefore we should always endeavor to have the right linen for our needs. 


A simple, carefully considered bed linen scheme is essential and sufficient in presenting even the most minimal bedroom with an inviting atmosphere.  A beautifully styled bed is such a delight to jump into and have a great night's sleep.  It is your personal space where you have the right to unwind and relax however you please. So quality bedlinen is a must here. 
A great way to keep it cost effective way to update the look for your bedroom is with new colours and seasonal textures, as opposed to ridiculous layers of cushions which are often thrown on the floor at bedtime. 
As we are drawing into summer, start looking at light greys and blues as they can be supplemented with bright pops of colour when adding one or two accent cushions. 
If you are in cooler months, think of deep greys and indigos as your bases then add scatter cushions in brighter tones. 


The best way to style a bed is with layers.
Start with a mattress protector.  I have a bamboo loft protector over my mattress. It provides that extra softness. 
Add a fitted sheet in a solid neutral colour.  These are versatile and can be interchanged with the linen from various seasons.
Add a flat sheet in the same tone. The gives the option to layer for cooler months or to have on it's own in warmer months. 
Now the doona.  Goose down provides the most optimum loft and is fantastic for warmer months.  If you have any allergen sensitivities, opt for a more flat synthetic doona. (which is what I have on at the moment for the warmer months) An oversize doona is preferable to achieve the look often seen in the images of bedlinen packages. 
In the cooler months, you may want to add a blanket throw which gives a more layered luxe look. 
Layer pillows, I love down pillows for that loft look that can be reduced to something more flat to sleep on.  There are synthetic options available too for those concerned with allergens. Start with larger pillows then add the smaller ones in front and gradually get to the scatter cushions.  for summer, I have kept my bed very minimal as it gets quite warm. 
Florence Broadhurst has some wonderful tones for this seasonal with light greys and zingy cushion accents. This flamestitch design can be bought here.

These are great examples of styled beds below (not my images)

Note the layering of pillows from largest to smallest and the oversize doona that falls to the base of the bed. 
Finally, remmeber this is your space!  Gather ideas and inspiration and add your own style to it to transform it into a space that resonates with you.

This post has been sponsored by Legend Australia.  All opinions are my own. 

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