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Unique watch Giveaway

Frankie Ebony and Gold
Watches have become such a staple in both the male and female capsule wardrobe. Some have one piece that they wear incessantly whereas others alternate between a few.  Either way, everyone needs a staple watch.

With so many brands competing for their share in the market, it can be hard to decide on which one to choose.  So this is where I want to introduce this innovative concept to you. Wooden watches. Say what?  Yep you heard me.  Not the mainstream bands and materials used but something incredibly unique that I'm sure your fashionista circles have not got their hands on yet.

These materials are sourced for their sustainability and durability.  The goal of the designers at JORD is for the wearer to make each moment count, by being aware of not only the time that has passed but to be mindful of the moments they have in life.  What a beautiful concept!

JORD watches are also incredibly resistant to breakage with their Sapphire Glass. This material is second o…

The perfect bed linen

In any bedroom, the focal point is always the bed.  We spend a significant amount of our lives sleeping, therefore we should always endeavor to have the right linen for our needs. 
Scheme A simple, carefully considered bed linen scheme is essential and sufficient in presenting even the most minimal bedroom with an inviting atmosphere.  A beautifully styled bed is such a delight to jump into and have a great night's sleep.  It is your personal space where you have the right to unwind and relax however you please. So quality bedlinen is a must here.  A great way to keep it cost effective way to update the look for your bedroom is with new colours and seasonal textures, as opposed to ridiculous layers of cushions which are often thrown on the floor at bedtime.  As we are drawing into summer, start looking at light greys and blues as they can be supplemented with bright pops of colour when adding one or two accent cushions.  If you are in cooler months, think of deep greys and indigos as y…