Trend: Minimalistic jewelery

Jewelery can always be categorised as either statement or delicate.   Statement jewelery was created to stand out on their own essentially making an entire outfit. Whereas delicate jewelery was created to add effortless beauty to any outfit.  Effortless! Like you aren't even trying! Yet you may have totally planned that look the night before but everyone will assume it just happened ;).

This is where we can definitely see that bigger isn't always better.  Lately, fashionista's and celebrities have been favoring a more subdued look.  Delicate jewelery is easier to wear as you can add it to any look.  You will look completely put together by adding delicate pieces to your look.  They are also way more comfortable as you won't have to worry about sagging ear lobes or aching necks caused by larger pieces. I love the lariat necklaces and their ability to be worn in gradual layers. 

I love the range at Brass Paper Smith. They have essential minimalist items that can be carried through seasons. Below are some of my favourites from their range.

 Silver or Gold Lariat necklace from Brass Paper Smith

Gold Knot ring

Sponsored by Brass Paper Smith.  All opinions are my own
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