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Trend: Minimalistic jewelery

Jewelery can always be categorised as either statement or delicate.   Statement jewelery was created to stand out on their own essentially making an entire outfit. Whereas delicate jewelery was created to add effortless beauty to any outfit.  Effortless! Like you aren't even trying! Yet you may have totally planned that look the night before but everyone will assume it just happened ;).

This is where we can definitely see that bigger isn't always better.  Lately, fashionista's and celebrities have been favoring a more subdued look.  Delicate jewelery is easier to wear as you can add it to any look.  You will look completely put together by adding delicate pieces to your look.  They are also way more comfortable as you won't have to worry about sagging ear lobes or aching necks caused by larger pieces. I love the lariat necklaces and their ability to be worn in gradual layers. 

I love the range at Brass Paper Smith. They have essential minimalist items that can b…

How to wear modern ruffles

Ruffles are often associated with little girls pink dresses and brings notes of your own childhood back.  In 2016, ruffles have made a comeback for the sophisticated woman.

Ruffles act as their own accessory.  The trend traipsing along runways of 2016 is bold ruffles. Structured architectural ruffles that become the statement of the look and are a far cry from the soft flimsy ruffles of childhood dresses. I like to modernize the look by adding menswear elements like a tailored pants suit. Worn with a pair of pumps, this trend can transform your evening look effortlessly.  There's no need for accessorising with overt jewels or dramatic hair.  Let the look speak for itself.

An outfit in a block colour is perfect to wear this trend and transform your look. This black jumpsuit gives a long lean silhouette and the bold ruffles add the statement to the look.  Pull your hair back into a sleek pony to let the ruffles speak for themselves and add minimal earrings with a clutch and stiletto…

Vintage Spring time made current

Polka dots have been seen throughout fashion history right back to the 1920's!  In the 1940's Dior released a line of hourglass dresses all featuring this speckled design seeking "to make women extravagantly, romantically, eyelash-battingly female" again, following the post war period. Then we were seeing polka dots throughout Hollywood icons such as Marilyn Monroe,, Lucille Ball and Elizabeth Taylor. 

Then came the revamping of the polka dots, making it gender neutral. Anne Akbari, founder of styling business Closet Catharsis commented that men wearing polka dots need not be emasculating.  She expressed that men wearing polka dots highlight that they are fashion focused and that they pay attention to fashion. So now we see polka dots in many men's styles including ties and business shirts as well as casual tees. 

Large polka dots are essentially associated with the 50s and 60s to this day.  But when we see prints like this dress in a smaller design, we can wear it…