How to create your Capsule Wardrobe Palette

Capsule wardrobes seem to be floating around the digital atmosphere alot lately so I thought I'd write about how I have created mine and the reasons why and also give some tips on how to create your own.

A Versatile Colour Palette

This winter for me has been all about monochrome cool colours.   I work full time in an office and am also a mummy of two girls. So naturally my colour palette needs to be versatile enough that I can utilise it in these arenas of my life.   

When creating your own colour palette, these are some questions to ask yourself:
- What colours do you naturally look at for your style?
- Does it work for the different arenas of your life?
- What is your primary go to colour?  
- Can you draw out a theme in your current wardrobe?
- Do the colours express your natural style?
- Is it wearable daily?
- Can it be mixed with accent shades?

My items are those that are on high rotation for this season.  My palette changes and the items change as the season progresses. A capsule wardrobe is created to be fluid never static.  They have key pieces that you wear regularly.  Now we all love to look at pretty capsule wardrobes but one that is best for you must be expressive AND functional.  There is no use to an attractive display that is not being used.  

More questions to ask yourself when choosing a palette:
- Do I actually wear these colours?
- If so how much do I wear them?
- Can my solid base be mixed with accent accessories?
- Does my palette work with the accessories I like?

A Few Versatile Key Pieces

Questions to ask about what sort of pieces to include:
- Do I wear pants often?  OR do I prefer dresses, skirts ets?
- Do I wear jackets and coats daily?
- If so which ones do I gravitate towards?
- Can I create several looks from the pieces I have chosen?
- Do they represent my personal style?

I am not the biggest fan of trousers as I believe it does not flatter my shape.  I have always gravitated towards basics like skinny jeans, tights and dresses.  I can wear these items to work and on the weekend.  Mixing them with the shoes and accessories I style them with. 

For example: I love this witchery dress, it has been this seasons key staple.  For work I can wear it stoking and booties and a coat.  For the weekend I can wear over the knee boots and a long line vest.

 I feel that people include too many pieces in their capsule wardrobe and it takes away from the essential component of the concept.  I would aim for 9 to 12 pieces at most.  

Colour palettes are never meant to be restricting, they are meant to provide a base for you to build on with accent items.  I can always add khaki, gold or blush elements to my existing foundation. Simply use your palette as a guide to help you build outfits that fit your style. 
And ladies, capsule wardrobes are not just for us!  Create one for each member of the family!


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