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How to create your Capsule Wardrobe Palette

Capsule wardrobes seem to be floating around the digital atmosphere alot lately so I thought I'd write about how I have created mine and the reasons why and also give some tips on how to create your own.

A Versatile Colour Palette
This winter for me has been all about monochrome cool colours.   I work full time in an office and am also a mummy of two girls. So naturally my colour palette needs to be versatile enough that I can utilise it in these arenas of my life.   
When creating your own colour palette, these are some questions to ask yourself: - What colours do you naturally look at for your style? - Does it work for the different arenas of your life? - What is your primary go to colour?   - Can you draw out a theme in your current wardrobe? - Do the colours express your natural style? - Is it wearable daily? - Can it be mixed with accent shades?
My items are those that are on high rotation for this season.  My palette changes and the items change as the season progresses. A ca…

Invest in your creativity

First Post! Yay! I've finally started this! I've been considering writing a blog for a while now since I started posting images of style related concepts on Instagram.  That platform works so well for images on their own.  I needed a space to write. To freely express thoughts and opinions in partnership with the creative content of the images posted. 
I strongly believe everyone should invest in their own creative outlets. Its enriching for the soul and provides an outlet for unique outcomes. It doesn't need to be painting or anything visual arts related. It can be your style, your writing, dancing, absolutely anything that allows you to transfer energy from your mind outwards, at your own pace. Not guided by the demands of the world. This is where my concept of style resonates from. 
I had today off work to spend with my kids as it was the last day of school holidays. Bitter sweet as I will miss them but I will also get some time to write.  We spent time investing in our …