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Unique watch Giveaway

Frankie Ebony and Gold
Watches have become such a staple in both the male and female capsule wardrobe. Some have one piece that they wear incessantly whereas others alternate between a few.  Either way, everyone needs a staple watch.

With so many brands competing for their share in the market, it can be hard to decide on which one to choose.  So this is where I want to introduce this innovative concept to you. Wooden watches. Say what?  Yep you heard me.  Not the mainstream bands and materials used but something incredibly unique that I'm sure your fashionista circles have not got their hands on yet.

These materials are sourced for their sustainability and durability.  The goal of the designers at JORD is for the wearer to make each moment count, by being aware of not only the time that has passed but to be mindful of the moments they have in life.  What a beautiful concept!

JORD watches are also incredibly resistant to breakage with their Sapphire Glass. This material is second o…

The perfect bed linen

In any bedroom, the focal point is always the bed.  We spend a significant amount of our lives sleeping, therefore we should always endeavor to have the right linen for our needs. 
Scheme A simple, carefully considered bed linen scheme is essential and sufficient in presenting even the most minimal bedroom with an inviting atmosphere.  A beautifully styled bed is such a delight to jump into and have a great night's sleep.  It is your personal space where you have the right to unwind and relax however you please. So quality bedlinen is a must here.  A great way to keep it cost effective way to update the look for your bedroom is with new colours and seasonal textures, as opposed to ridiculous layers of cushions which are often thrown on the floor at bedtime.  As we are drawing into summer, start looking at light greys and blues as they can be supplemented with bright pops of colour when adding one or two accent cushions.  If you are in cooler months, think of deep greys and indigos as y…

Trend: Minimalistic jewelery

Jewelery can always be categorised as either statement or delicate.   Statement jewelery was created to stand out on their own essentially making an entire outfit. Whereas delicate jewelery was created to add effortless beauty to any outfit.  Effortless! Like you aren't even trying! Yet you may have totally planned that look the night before but everyone will assume it just happened ;).

This is where we can definitely see that bigger isn't always better.  Lately, fashionista's and celebrities have been favoring a more subdued look.  Delicate jewelery is easier to wear as you can add it to any look.  You will look completely put together by adding delicate pieces to your look.  They are also way more comfortable as you won't have to worry about sagging ear lobes or aching necks caused by larger pieces. I love the lariat necklaces and their ability to be worn in gradual layers. 

I love the range at Brass Paper Smith. They have essential minimalist items that can b…

How to wear modern ruffles

Ruffles are often associated with little girls pink dresses and brings notes of your own childhood back.  In 2016, ruffles have made a comeback for the sophisticated woman.

Ruffles act as their own accessory.  The trend traipsing along runways of 2016 is bold ruffles. Structured architectural ruffles that become the statement of the look and are a far cry from the soft flimsy ruffles of childhood dresses. I like to modernize the look by adding menswear elements like a tailored pants suit. Worn with a pair of pumps, this trend can transform your evening look effortlessly.  There's no need for accessorising with overt jewels or dramatic hair.  Let the look speak for itself.

An outfit in a block colour is perfect to wear this trend and transform your look. This black jumpsuit gives a long lean silhouette and the bold ruffles add the statement to the look.  Pull your hair back into a sleek pony to let the ruffles speak for themselves and add minimal earrings with a clutch and stiletto…

Vintage Spring time made current

Polka dots have been seen throughout fashion history right back to the 1920's!  In the 1940's Dior released a line of hourglass dresses all featuring this speckled design seeking "to make women extravagantly, romantically, eyelash-battingly female" again, following the post war period. Then we were seeing polka dots throughout Hollywood icons such as Marilyn Monroe,, Lucille Ball and Elizabeth Taylor. 

Then came the revamping of the polka dots, making it gender neutral. Anne Akbari, founder of styling business Closet Catharsis commented that men wearing polka dots need not be emasculating.  She expressed that men wearing polka dots highlight that they are fashion focused and that they pay attention to fashion. So now we see polka dots in many men's styles including ties and business shirts as well as casual tees. 

Large polka dots are essentially associated with the 50s and 60s to this day.  But when we see prints like this dress in a smaller design, we can wear it…

Love your skin

Why is skin care so important?
I want to teach my girls to look after their skin firstly before trying to pack on the makeup.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not anti makeup!  Far from it!  I love makeup.  But I always come back to basics about proper skin care and prevention, which is the foundation for this post.

How to pick good skincare?

Avoid products with perfumesLook at the ingredients not the brand's sloganSeriously consider products containing Glycolic acid.  It has tremendous properties for exfoliation and continued use has been seen to increase hydration.Concentrated ingredients, like AHA's, retinol, Salicylic Acid etcParaben freeAvoid Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES

My daughters are growing up and the YouTube makeup tutorial trend has taken over their age group as well as many young adult women too.   While considering how I would approach this topic of makeup, I was reminded of an old slogan about 'letting the real you shine thro…

Ways to style Tan Boots, effortlessly!

Windsor Smith Wentt Tan Boot
This season has seen an avalanche of monochrome grays and blacks in boots.  The versatile ankle boot was everywhere this winter. Easily worn with dresses, leggings or skinny jeans. From my previous post, you could see my colour palette for the winter.  As we gravitate towards transitional season wear, I am obsessing over tan.  Tan is fast becoming the trend to watch for and is easily added to a monochrome colour palette.
Tan can be worn from day to night with minor adjustments to accessories to dress up or dress down the look. Varying heel heights can easily make tan a staple for work to weekend. Keeping the heel height below 10cm provides ease in everyday wear.  I have been wearing mine to work because the height of this boot is perfect to keep it dressy but not over the top.  The colour and style is kept minimal so it can be worn everyday with different outfits.  Personally, I have always dreaded the 'ankle show' when wear pants with ankle boots.…

How to create your Capsule Wardrobe Palette

Capsule wardrobes seem to be floating around the digital atmosphere alot lately so I thought I'd write about how I have created mine and the reasons why and also give some tips on how to create your own.

A Versatile Colour Palette
This winter for me has been all about monochrome cool colours.   I work full time in an office and am also a mummy of two girls. So naturally my colour palette needs to be versatile enough that I can utilise it in these arenas of my life.   
When creating your own colour palette, these are some questions to ask yourself: - What colours do you naturally look at for your style? - Does it work for the different arenas of your life? - What is your primary go to colour?   - Can you draw out a theme in your current wardrobe? - Do the colours express your natural style? - Is it wearable daily? - Can it be mixed with accent shades?
My items are those that are on high rotation for this season.  My palette changes and the items change as the season progresses. A ca…

Invest in your creativity

First Post! Yay! I've finally started this! I've been considering writing a blog for a while now since I started posting images of style related concepts on Instagram.  That platform works so well for images on their own.  I needed a space to write. To freely express thoughts and opinions in partnership with the creative content of the images posted. 
I strongly believe everyone should invest in their own creative outlets. Its enriching for the soul and provides an outlet for unique outcomes. It doesn't need to be painting or anything visual arts related. It can be your style, your writing, dancing, absolutely anything that allows you to transfer energy from your mind outwards, at your own pace. Not guided by the demands of the world. This is where my concept of style resonates from. 
I had today off work to spend with my kids as it was the last day of school holidays. Bitter sweet as I will miss them but I will also get some time to write.  We spent time investing in our …